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Heather Hirsch


Menopause Is Hard

My first book “Unlock Your Menopause Type” hit shelves in 2023

Since 2018 I have been on a mission to make information about your midlife body more accessible to women. In June of 2018, while on maternity leave, I launched my podcast “Health by Heather Hirsch,” and I now have thousands of downloads and incredible guests on the show. In 2020, I bought a camera and started making long form videos on Youtube, and was surprised how many women subscribed and watched my videos. Now, over half a million views later, my army of women continues to grow every day. And excited to say that in June of 2023 my book “Unlock your Menopause Type” offically hits the shelves! Whether you are an audio or visual learner, I encourage you to peak around my resources and get your learn on!

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A Conversation about Menopause

I’m not a regular doctor,

I’m a cool doctor.

I’m Heather Hirsch, MD, MS, NCMP, a doctor, wife, mother of three, coffee addict, and women’s health advocate. I started my medical traning in 2006, and have spent years cultivating both the science and art of taking care of women particularly in midlife.

I believe that hormonal changes play a significant role in how we experience life, be it from puberty to post-partum, to perimenopause and ultimately menopause. For far too long, women have not been taught enough about the menopausal transition, and I am hear to break down those barriers.

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Wondering how to treat mysterious symptoms like night sweats or stubborn weight gain? I got you. Welcome to my podcast, where I give you the straight tea on everything from painful sex to heart health. Featuring expert guests and tell-it-like-it-is medical advice.

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Amazing. It is such a relief to find a true expert in an area of health care that has historically and tragically been so overlooked. Peri and menopause are a big deal, mentally and physically, and it can take so so much from a woman’s life. The best money I have ever spent was booking the appointment with Dr. Hirsch.

Leanna S

I am finally sleeping again, and my hot flashes have stopped, but I worry that I have too much estrogen, my chest is feeling a bit tender, like I’m 13 again and I am getting a small hormonal breakout like I did before I would get my period. In any case, I am in my 2nd month and I am hoping by the end of the 3rd month my issues will be leveling out.

Laurie W.

I feel I have a comprehensive understanding of menopause symptoms, research results and facts, and effective management strategies. I am confidently moving forward with a plan. Within 2 weeks of low-dosage hormone replacement therapy, I stopped having hot flashes. Dr. Hursch’s expertise and guidance have empowered me to navigate my menopause with confidence and grace.

Christy M.

I feel like I have someone who is knowledgeable in this area and who I can trust with safe and effective treatment of my symptoms. I also feel very validated in that Dr. Hirsch understands how difficult it has been to deal with my symptoms.

Leslie N.