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Millions of women have entered menopause each year since the dawn of time,  so it’s crazy that menopause still feels like uncharted territory for the women who are going through it. I am more than committed to changing that. In my new book Unlocking Your Menopause Type, I aim to help you cut through the informational noise and learn how to manage your symptoms effectively by identifying your personal Menopause Type(s).

What are the six Menopause Types?

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The 6 Menopause Types

Menopause is definitely not a one-size fits all solution. In my book Unlocking Your Menopause Type, I give you a helpful quiz to identify your individual Menopause Type(s) including the six main types:

  • Premature
  • Sudden
  • Full-Throttle
  • Mind-Altering
  • Seemingly Never-ending
  • Silent

Each type gets a full prescription for exercises, diet, and strategies to regain mental focus and make menopause a smooth transition, rather than a rollercoaster ride of unexpected symptoms and discomfort.

“Unlock Your Menopause Type is one of the most comprehensive books on Menopause that I have read.  As a leading Menopause expert, Dr. Hirsch manages to categorize Menopausal symptoms and struggles into 6 easily identifiable types.  Once we determine our type, she then empowers us with options (hormonal and nonhormonal) that are currently available and guides us through simple yet impactful ways that we can improve our health. Midlife book clubs are going to love this book!”

Colleen Rosenblum, co-host of Hot Flashes and Cool Topics Podcast

My Book Also Includes…

  • The last word on whether to replace declining hormones (the answer is custom-built)
  • What to do if you’re a combination of types
  • How to get on top of (as it were) changes in your sex life
  • Crowd-sourced tips and tricks from my doctor friends and patients

It’s my hope that with this knowledge, identifying your priorities, and getting a plan in place you will feel great and confident through midlife and beyond.

“Women, once you reach the age of 35, this book is a must read! “Unlock Your Menopause Type” will prepare you for what is happening to your body in menopause. It also includes treatment options, both hormonal and non-hormonal, diet and nutrition to best suit your type and exercise and fitness that will fit to your type as well! If you buy one book to help you during this time of life, this is the book to buy!”

Bridgett Biagi Garratt, co-host of Hot Flashes and Cool Topics Podcast