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Taking care of women is our passion.

We are now accepting patients into the Health by Heather Hirsch MD Collaborative’s practice, a private telemedicine practice of clinicians trained under Heather Hirsch MD. We are now in 23 U.S. states and growing rapidly!

Our team is on a mission to empower women in midlife so that they are equipped with real, science-backed advice on menopause and perimenopause. Using the main principle of shared decision-making, we listen carefully to your medical history, current symptoms, and health goals to provide you with therapeutic options and ultimately a plan of action! 

Because the well-trained clinicians at The Collaborative also want you to be empowered and educated, all new patients receive a complimentary copy of Dr. Hirsch’s Reclaiming Menopause Master Class. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to menopause, and plans can change with you. Menopause is hard, but it doesn’t have to be that hard. 

Why choose the Health by Heather Hirsch MD Collaborative?

EXPERTISE YOU CAN TRUST: Led by renowned menopause specialist Dr. Heather Hirsch, our collaborative brings together an incredible team of expertly trained healthcare professionals committed to guiding you through every aspect of perimenopause and menopause. No crazy gurus here.

COMPREHENSIVE MENOPAUSE CARE: We know our stuff. You won’t be dismissed because of your age, your lack of hot flashes, your “unrelated” symptoms, or given an unrelated medication that doesn’t work for you… did we miss anything? You won’t be dismissed.

INNOVATIVE EMPOWERMENT: We stay at the forefront of medical advancements to provide you with the best possible solutions and share that knowledge with you. Every patient gets a copy of Dr. Hirsch’s Reclaiming Menopause Masterclass. You’ll be empowered with information and resources to make informed decisions about your midlife health.

PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: At The Collaborative, we also know that community is crucial. No one should have to face midlife alone! Our private Facebook group provides not only that much-needed community but twice monthly live events from allied healthcare providers and Dr. Hirsch herself! Access is only for patients!


Heather Hirsch



Dr. Heather Hirsch is an entrepreneur, an American board-certified internist, and the founder and CEO of the Health by Heather Hirsch MD Collaborative, offering best-in-class individualized care for perimenopause and menopause. She completed an internal medicine residency at Case Western Reserve University and fellowship training in midlife and menopause at the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Hirsch is a Menopause Society Certified Practitioner (MSCP). She has been practicing menopausal medicine for the last decade and has successfully treated thousands of patients, which has been the joy of her life. She is an author, speaker, podcaster, researcher, and mother to three children. She loves seeing patients, reading, journaling, or exercising with her family.

Anastasiia Neelagaru


Serving CA, TX, NM

Dr. Anastasiia Neelagaru loves helping women enter their midlife in the best shape possible. She treats menopausal symptoms, specializes in sexual dysfunction, and how to keep your bones and muscles strong. She completed her residency training at Texas Tech University and her Geriatrics Fellowship at USC. She is Family Medicine Board certified and is a Menopause Society Certified Practitioner (MSCP). You can catch Dr. Neelagaru hiking, biking with her family, and stargazing in her free time.

Angela Jones



Angela Jones, DNP, WHNP, knows every woman she talks with knows their body best, so the more they understand the changes happening with age and the decline of reproductive hormones, the more in control women are, and the more confident they feel making healthcare-related decisions. Angela is a Menopause Society Certified Practitioner (MSCP) and is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association, with a doctorate from the University of Utah. Angela is a mom of four as well! She and her husband love skiing as a family all winter long.
Angela sees patients in Utah.

Ann Boss



Ann Boss, CNM, APRN, MSCP, loves seeing her patients’ smiles at their follow-up visits and hearing them say, “Wow, I feel like myself again!” She finds treating women in midlife to be immensely fulfilling. Ann is a distinguished Menopause Society Certified Practitioner (MSCP), Certified Nurse Midwife, and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. She earned her BSN from UCLA and her MSN from USC. Ann loves hiking, biking, skiing, golfing, rollerblading, stand-up paddling, and playing tennis with her family.

Aoife O’Sullivan



​​Dr. Aoife O’Sullivan knows she can provide complete and holistic care to her patients because she understands the intricacies of women’s hormones. Dr. O’Sullivan is a board-certified family physician and Menopause Society Certified Practitioner (MSCP). She completed a family medicine residency program in Ireland and a second family medicine residency at the University of Maryland. She loves taking long walks with her husband, traveling with their daughters, playing tennis, reading, and skiing.

Betty Wang


MD, VA, D.C.

Dr. Betty Wang has 20 years of clinical experience and is passionate about preventive and proactive practices that promote life quality and longevity. She earned her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed the Johns Hopkins University/Sinai Hospital residency program in internal medicine. Believing that we are lifelong learners, Dr. Wang spent the last several years studying the science of how to better help women in the midlife transition and found her mission. Dr. Wang loves playing tennis, listening to live music, and connecting with good souls.

Christine A. Hart Kress



Christine A. Hart Kress, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, NEA-BC, MSCP, thinks the most rewarding specialty of her career is caring for midlife women. Christine received her BSN from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, an MSN from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Chamberlain University. She is also board-certified as a Menopause Society Certified Practitioner (MSCP) and a Nurse Executive Advanced Administrator. Christine is married with two children, plus a trio of dogs. She has an avid interest in health and fitness and loves to read, travel, and visit wineries and foodie restaurants.

Iola Pustelnik



Iola Pustelnik, CNM, loves to help women feel fabulous and continue to enjoy life and everything it offers while optimizing their health. Iola is a certified nurse midwife with 24 years of clinical experience caring for women throughout their lives. She is especially interested in caring for women in midlife and those with complex gynecological conditions. Iola loves spending time with her daughter and being outside. She also likes visiting multiple cultural festivals and music events (mainly in the summer!)

Natalie Givargidze



Natalie Givargidze, NP, loves allowing women to be fully seen and heard while providing up-to-date research to help them feel educated and empowered over their healthcare choices. Natalie is a board-certified Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner. She earned her BSN and MSN from Adelphi University. She is a certified Medical Cannabis Practitioner through New York State and is a Menopause Society Certified Practitioner (MSCP). Natalie loves traveling, spending time with my family, exercising, and training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Nihar Ganju



Dr. Nihar Ganju’s philosophy of caring for women in midlife starts with first establishing a space to listen. He’s on a mission to reestablish autonomy for his patients. Dr. Ganju has a Bachelor of Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University and a Doctor of Medicine from Florida State University. He did his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology and a Fellowship in Digital Health at George Washington University. Dr. Ganju is also a skilled engineer and entrepreneur who has helped build multiple companies with Dr. Hirsch. He has Board Certification in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Rebbecca Hertel



Dr. Rebbecca Hertel found her love for treating women in midlife and became a certified menopause practitioner after experiencing her midlife journey and taking Dr. Hirsch’s provider training course. She is a Board Certified Osteopathic Family Medicine Physician and Menopause Society Certified Practitioner (MSCP). Dr. Hertel is a mom of three girls and three boys. When she’s not running around to various sporting events, she enjoys working out, traveling, spending time with her fantastic group of girlfriends and family, and helping support local female business owners.

Shayna Harding



Shayna Harding, DNP-FNP, MSCP, finds it rewarding to have a patient follow up and describe how she saved their life and has brought hope and happiness. Women should not have to suffer during midlife from hormonal changes. Shayna is here to advocate for women and provide the best care they deserve. Shayna is a board-certified nurse practitioner with a doctorate in nursing practice from Idaho State University and is a Menopause Society Certified Practitioner (MSCP). Shanya enjoys dancing, camping, boating, and physical fitness. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids.

Stacy Ammerman



Dr. Stacy Ammerman is a strong advocate for women and enjoys empowering them through knowledge about their bodies and their health. She is a board certified gynecologist and is a Menopause Society Certified Practitioner (MSCP) that has been spending the last decade of her career focusing on the care of women in midlife and menopause. She obtained her medical degree at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Harbor UCLA Medical Center. She enjoys reading at the beach, diving, cooking gourmet meals and hiking with her husband and her dog.

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Ready to thrive with confidence about your midlife and menopause journey? You are one step away from long-lasting health and vitality


You can schedule to see Dr. Hirsch in person in her NYC office, where she sees patients a few days each month.

All your ‘hormonal havoc concerns,” including premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), perimenopause, menopause, post-menopause, hormone therapy, sexual health, and post-menopausal concerns like bone health, fatigue, and weight challenges.

How does it work? New patient visits are 60 minutes in length. After registering, you will receive an intake form to complete that is reviewed before your visit. You will also receive a free copy of Dr.Hirsch’s course covering perimenopause and menopause. Together, we decide on your diagnosis and order any necessary testing, lab work, and prescriptions (including HRT) that can be sent to your local pharmacy. A lot of shared decision-making is done along the way. We work right alongside your primary care doctor and gynecologist as needed.

We prescribe FDA-approved hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that can be sent right to your local commercial pharmacy that is covered by your insurance or available economically!

Pricing is as follows:

New telemedicine patient with Dr. Hirsch $1050
Follow-up telemedicine visits with Dr. Hirsch $500

In-person NYC new patient with Dr. Hirsch $1450
Follow up in person in NYC with Dr. Hirsch $700

New patient visits with Collaborative Physician MD/DOs (state dependent) $700
Follow-up patient visits with Collaborative Physician MD/DOs (state dependent) $350

New patient visits with Nurse Practitioners (state dependent) $500
Follow-up patient visits with Nurse Practitioners (state dependent) $250

We would love to see you as a patient for you to get the answers and relief you need and deserve.

We don’t take insurance, but we can make you a ‘Superbill’ that you can self submit for partial or full reimbursement from your insurance company. You can also use FSA/HSA funds if applicable..

Are we not in your state yet? Stay tuned by joining my email list.

You can also book to see Dr. Hirsch in person in her NYC office, where she sees patients a few days each month.

We cannot serve as your primary care clinician. And, since we are virtual, we cannot do physicals, pelvic exams, pap smears, or procedures. However, your local clinicians can certainly continue to help with these in-office tests.

New patient visits are 60 minutes in length. We usually schedule a follow-up in 2-3 months and see you every 2-3 months until you feel amazing!
Follow-up visits are usually 30 minutes in duration.

We always answer your quick questions between visits as well!

We welcome working with your primary health care team or gynecologist as needed.

We use an electronic medical record system (called Avon) that many clinicians also have access to (meaning that your team of doctors is likely able to access my notes electronically).

We do not. However, you can easily access a super-bill after your visit. This is essentially a medical receipt that you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. You can also use an HSA if you have one to cover your visit.

We get it – plans change. If you need to cancel your appointment, we’ve got you covered:

  • Cancellation: You must cancel your appointment at least 3 days before the scheduled appointment to receive a 50% refund of your consultation fee. The other 50% can be used for credit towards a future appointment for up to one year for the same individual.

  • Reschedule: If the appointment is rescheduled more than 3 days of the appointment, there is no cost.

  • Late Cancellations (within 3 days of the appointment) will not be refunded.

  • Conditions Apply: Refunds and credits are subject to meeting cancellation criteria.


Hear directly from patients

I’m feeling hopeful! I’m excited to see how it goes when I start the treatment. I really appreciated the perfect balance between specific recommendations and being offered several potential approaches/options. In addition to receiving expert advice and guidance, I felt like a true partner in my care. I also appreciate Dr. Hirsch’s energy and enthusiasm for her work. It makes “treating a problem” feel more like simply taking positive action for better health.


Dr Hirsch is the most caring and kind doctor I have ever been to! She really takes the time to understand my needs, and to figure out the best solution. I’m so grateful that I found her! She’s truly the expert in this field!


When I got off the call, I cried telling my husband about it. In a year and a half of struggling, no one has looked at me as holistically or with more compassion than Dr. Hertel. She was knowledgeable, warm and collaborative throughout. I walked away with a medical plan but also with hope that I really might be able to feel good and thrive again.

D. Young

It was amazing to feel seen, heard and cared for. I cannot recommend an appointment with Dr. Hirsch enough.

B. Daie

I’m feeling hopeful! I’m excited to see how it goes when I start the treatment. I appreciated the perfect balance between specific recommendations and being offered several potential approaches/options. In addition to receiving expert advice and guidance, I felt like a true partner in my care. I also appreciate Dr. Hirsch’s energy and enthusiasm for her work. It makes “treating a problem” feel more like simply taking positive action for better health.

C. Williams

My experience with Dr. Heather has been wonderful. ..very positive. Dr. Heather welcomed me with open arms. She gave me her time, she listened to me, She understood me. Dr. Hirsch is very positive and that is very contagious. I left her office full of positive energy and I know that everything will be fine

A. Caro