Reclaiming Menopause


Go from feeling symptomatic, frustrated, and stuck with your doctor to feeling symptom free with the use of hormone therapy, educated, and empowered to get what you need right where you are!

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Become a menopause expert

Know More Than Your Doctor

This course is for women who are interested in hormone therapy, or want to get their hormone therapy RIGHT! Through my signature program, you will understand exactly what you need during perimenopause and menopause, and why it is the right and safe choice for you. Then you’ll be given the tools to address this with your doctor! It is my goal that within three months (if you do the work!) you start to feel like yourself again!

this you?

If you are…

  • A woman aged 35-65
  • Interested in hormonal therapy
  • Experiencing low libido
  • Gaining weight
  • Feeling hot all the time
  • Never sleeping
  • Just not feeling like your best self anymore

this course is for you!

The Curriculum

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Module One


In this module, you will learn how to prioritize your health and get yourself in the right mindset.

Module Two

Health History

In this module, you will learn from your family and personal history what kind of hormone therapy is right for you.

Module Three


In this module, you will learn the evidence-backed information on the safety of FDA approved hormone therapy, and gain confidence in your choices.

Module Four


In this module, you will learn how to pick the right kind of hormone therapy for you.

Module Five


In this module, you will learn how to measure hormones, adjust your medication, and how to manage side effects.

Module Six


In this module, you will learn what to do once you feel amazing and how to feel that way for years to come.


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Hear directly from course participants

I was privileged enough to be a part of the very first cohort of Dr. Hirsch‘s Reclaiming Menopause Masterclass. It changed my life! Following her 8-week program, I found a doctor in my area who was properly trained to treat my terrible symptoms. I am now on HRT and it saved my life. I learned with her to eloquently self-advocate and demand what I needed to feel better again after so long. I am proud to be a part of her Army of Women and I am forever indebted to her!


As a 40 year old in surgical menopause with a complicated medical history I felt like no doctor knew what to do with me. My husband found Dr. HIrsch and the class changed my life. I finally understood my symptoms, felt confident talking to my doctors about my care with research in my back pocket, got the help I needed and I finally feel like myself again.


For years, I went to so many different clinicians who tried so many things to “balance my hormones” but I still didn’t feel any different. I binge watched Dr. Hirsch’s YouTube videos and decided to invest in her Masterclass. I finally felt like I understood what was happening, and, more importantly, what I could do about it. I found an amazing clinician who listened, and six months later I still refer back to the modules when I have questions and the community of women is second-to-none. I will be forever grateful to have found Dr. Hirsch and her passion for educating women in midlife! ❤️


I had no idea about perimenopause and the effects it can have on your body. From joint pain, racing heart, itchy skin, not sleeping, hot flashes, longer periods, shorter periods, heavy bleeding, light bleeding…the list goes on and on. I started researching and doing more researching, and came across Dr. Hirsch’s Instagram. I signed up for her class and that opened a door to a whole new world. I’m thankful I have a doctor that listens to me. We have to be our own advocate and taking Dr. Hirsch’s class is a great first step!!


Who’s this lady and why should you listen to her?

Heather Hirsch, MD, MS, NCMP is board certified in Internal Medicine and completed advanced fellowship training in Women’s Health at the Cleveland Clinic. Her specialty practice includes internal medicine and office gynecology with a focus on menopausal hormone therapy, perimenopause, breast health, sexual dysfunction, and urinary incontinence. Fellowship training included an emphasis on scholarly activity, development of women’s health curriculum, clinical research and leadership. Her clinical work and research centers on inequalities or unanswered questions in the field of women’s health, specifically in menopause and its role in chronic disease development.


When you combine all the time and money you have wasted scouring the internet, trying various over the counter products from Amazon, or years suffering unnecessarily, it may seem less pricey! Plus you are getting advice directly from a licensed doctor and an expert in the field. It’s worth it!

I would LOVE to have you as a patient in the Health by Heather Hirsch Collaborative. We practice in states across the country, but if we are not yet in your location, this class is a great option to help you navigate your care in perimenopause and menopause.

What about a family history of breast cancer? YES, I COVER ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! As a menopause specialist and expert there is no stone unturned.

You can contact us at – but likely you are!

With my course plan we have helped many doctors realize the safety and efficacy of hormone therapy, even the most stubborn or biased. In the course I provide you with the RIGHT papers to bring to your office, and help you structure your doctor’s visit to ensure you are successful. As a doctor myself, I use some basic psychology and the right evidence to help you get what you need with your doctor. Not only that, but you might be able to the help those women who come after you!

OF COURSE. Patients in the Health by Heather Hirsch Collaborative get a free copy of this course. So, if you’re considering both- book your new patient visit, and you’ll gain access so you can come to your first appointment informed and empowered!


Let’s Get Going!

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Hear directly from course participants

I’ve done a few masterclasses in my time, but the Reclaiming your Menopause masterclass is, hands-down, one of the most informative, helpful, instructive, practical, interesting and well-structured masterclasses I’ve had the pleasure to learn from. It has enabled me to understand exactly what I need and how to articulate that so I can have a well-informed and constructive discussion [with] my doctor. Thanks Dr Hirsch!


POWER OF KNOWING! I am in absolute awe of all I just heard and all I did not know and all that was not known and/or said to me. I have been suffering for 5 years, I had no help, only dismissal. I feel such power right now to go to my (new) gyn who is much more receptive to HT but still getting hung up on my estrogen number. I like the idea of compromising by starting 6-8 week trial and go from there. Based on all I heard in lesson 2, I am a perfect candidate, no risk profile whatsoever! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


I just finished lesson 2 and my WIN is that I have moved from feeling frustrated for years to finally feeling HOPEFUL that I will find relief from the myriad of symptoms that have plagued me for so long (many years of perimenopause symptoms that have recently escalated as I transition into menopause). I feel so GRATEFUL that I found you and your program and I am so excited to begin taking action to feel better! Thank you!!! (I honestly think I may cry tears of joy, so grateful for all I learned today)


I would highly recommend this to any person approaching perimenopause as it was so educational and worth the time and money to be prepared. I also recommend this for any person experiencing perimenopause or (post) menopause. I have been been to 6 different doctors for menopause symptoms and took the time to explain my options for treatment and none of them prescribed effective treatments.