170. Unlock Your Menopause Type!

170. Unlock Your Menopause Type! // Menopause is not a one-size fits all solution. Unlocking Your Menopause Type features a helpful quiz to identify women’s individual Menopause Type(s) such as:

  • Premature
  • Sudden
  • Full-Throttle
  • Mind-Altering
  • Seemingly Never-ending
  • Silent

Each type gets a full prescription for exercises, diet, and lifestyle strategies to regain mental focus and make menopause a regulation part of maturity rather than a rollercoaster ride of unexpected symptoms and discomfort.

The book also includes:

  • The last word on whether to replace declining hormones (the answer is custom-built)
  • What to do if you’re a combination of types
  • How to get on top of (as it were) changes in your sex life
  • Crowd-sourced tips and tricks from Dr. Hirsch’s friend group and patient


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