192. Let’s Talk Menopause, with Donna Klassen

Let’s Talk Menopause, with Donna Klassen // Donna Klassen, co-founder of Let’s Talk Menopause, has dedicated herself to providing a platform that educates, destigmatizes, and offers vital community support surrounding menopause. This initiative ensures no woman feels isolated during this profound life transition. Diagnosed with estrogen-positive breast cancer at 52, Donna’s journey into postmenopause was accelerated following a double mastectomy and an oophorectomy. As she grappled with symptoms like hot flashes and brain fog, she was met with a notable absence of guidance from her medical community. Drawing from her tenure as a clinician and director at The Motherhood Center of New York, where she witnessed the transformative power of community in areas like infertility and postpartum depression, Donna is passionate about championing menopause and ensuring it’s understood and supported by all.

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