27. What’s In the Vagina?

In this episode, Dr. Hirsch teams up with women’s health physical therapist Missy Gallow DPT, to kick off a dialogue on the aspects of the female lower genitourinary (GU) track. Have you or a friend ever struggled with pain in the vaginal area? Well, we all think we know what the vagina is, but there is more to the lower GU track that just the vagina. As doctors and physical therapists start to recognize pain in the lower vaginal area is not all treated the same it is imperative that we discuss the differences between the vulva, the vestibule, and the vagina. Dr. Gallow breaks down lower GU pain into three categories, all of which are important to distinguish and have different treatment recommendations.

Dr. Missy Gallow can be found on instragram with the handle @twinmama.pelvic.pt and has an incredible core guide that you can access at this link ->  https://gumroad.com/l/eIW

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