31. A New Tool for Women’s Sexual Health – An Interview with Meet Rosy Founder Dr. Harper

A new tool for women’s sexual health – an interview with Meet Rosy founder Dr. Harper // This episode will simply blow you away! Dr. Hirsch interviews Dr. Lyndsey Harper, the founder of the the incredible company Meet Rosy. Meet Rosy is the newest downloadable app for women facing low libido and other sexual health concerns.

Dr. Harper, an OB/GYN in Texas, realized there was a gap in women’s sexual health care when many of her patients came to her with questions and concerns about their sexual health. This knowledge fueled her passion to start her incredible new company – Meet Rosy.

In this episode, listen in as Dr. Harper explains how you can start using and interacting with her app today! This product is great for women in all stages of sexual health and can be completely customized to your needs. Dr. Harper is an inspiration in her mission and her desire to improve women’s health care. Press play NOW!

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