4. The Pelvic Floor: Women and Physical Therapy, an Interview with Melissa Gallow, DPT

06: The Pelvic Floor: Women and Physical Therapy:In This fascinating episode, Melissa Gallow, DPT talks about women and their pelvic floor health. You will be blown away when you learn all the aspects of pelvic health – especially if you have had a baby (even 30+ years ago), or even if you have never had a bady and how these can effect your daily life. In more detai we discuss:Why we feel pelvic pain gets missed by doctors and patients. What pelvic floor therapy is and what you can expect out of itHow chronic abdominal (or knee/shoulder/hip) pain can play a role in pelvic health.Who would benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy and why.What things can increase your risk for pain in the pelvic area.The role that incontinence plays in pelvic floor physical therapyWhat type of training is best after you have a baby (high vs. low impact)How painful sex can tie into your pelvic health.. and more

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