44. Women’s Health is a Sub-Specialty Field of Medicine; An Interview With Dr. Holly Thacker and Her 2020 Fellowship Trainees

Women’s health is a sub-specialty field of medicine; an interview with Dr. Holly Thacker and her 2020 fellowship trainees // In this episode, Dr. Hirsch speaks candidly with her women’s health fellowship mentor and educator Dr. Holly Thacker. Dr. Holly Thacker leads the Center For Specialized Women’s Health at the Cleveland Clinic and is also the director of the specialized women’s health fellowship training program. Dr. Hirsch and Dr. Thacker discuss the unique role of the physician who has undergone extensive training and years of clinical experience in women’s health, and how this can impact the care of women across the reproductive live span. Dr. Thacker is also the face behind the widely successful blog speaking of women’s health, a nationally recognized site for the education of women straight from the experts. Join in as they talk about medical training, barriers to women’s midlife care, and the future of women’s health fellowship training with Dr. Tiffany Cochran and Dr. Tara Lyer.

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