58. You Make My Heart Flutter: Heart Palpitations in Women at Midlife with Dr. Dara Lee Lewis

Heart palpitations are very common, and scary for women in midlife. Commonly, these are benign (meaning normal), but they can understandably cause anxiety and worry. Listen in to this incredible episode as Dr. Hirsch interviews colleague and women’s health cardiologist Dr. Dara Lee Lewis about what are the most common causes for these benign palpitations and the lifestyle measures that you can take at home to diminish the severity of these. This episode will also be on YouTube if you prefer to watch, on Dr. Hirsch’s channel Health by Heather Hirsch.

Dr. Dara Lee Lewis at the Lown Cardiology Group: https://www.lowngroup.org/who-we-are

Dr. Dara Lee Lewis on Twitter: @daraleelewismd

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