6. Why Osteoporosis Matters; An Interview with Dr. Kristi Tough

In this episode, Dr. Kristi Tough, A highly accomplished and fellowship trained Women’s Health Specialist, talks in detail about why you should really dial into your bone health and make it a priority. Dr. Tough opens up about why she is so passionate about bone health, and why preventing a fracture is a real risk that poses significant challenges for women in midlife. She discusses the important differences between normal bone loss and pathological bone loss. She also answers questions about the role of Calcium and Vitamin D, and when this treatment is not sufficient. She breaks down numerous myths about treatment options, including bisphosphonates, anabolic agents and monoclonal antibody therapy. In more detail, she answers the following questions:* What are the biggest hesitancies women have about starting treatment for osteopenia/osteoporosis?* What is the difference between normal bone loss with aging and pathologic bone loss?* When should you be screened earlier than age 65 with a bone density (BMD)?* What is the difference between osteopenia and osteoporosis?* What is the real story behind calcium and vitamin D treatment, and who really needs it?* What are the pro and cons of bisphosphonate treatment?* What lifestyle changes can be made to prevent bone loss and how effective are these remedies?* What is on the horizon for bone medications?* How can physician’s best advocate for bone health when other common medical conditions often take priority?* And more!

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