7. Polycystic Ovaries? Please Explain, I Think I Have PCOS!

In this episode, Dr. Heather Hirsch goes in depth covering the most common endocrine disorder of reproductive age women, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Because this disorder crosses so many various specialties of medicine, this can actually lead both under-diagnosis and misdiagnosis of this syndrome. If you have this syndrome, it is vital to have it appropriately diagnosed, and to find treatment that fits your individualized goals and situational lifestyle priorities. This podcast covers many of the most commonly asked or searched for questions on PCOS such as:

*How do I know that I have it? What can your doctor see on physical exam? What labs should your doctor check? When should you get an ultrasound?

*Why should you care about or rule in or out this diagnosis? Well, it can lead to fertility concerns, metabolic syndrome, and uterine cancer due to long-standing unopposed estrogen. It can also lead to other issues such as anxiety/depression, fatty liver, insulin resistance, sleep apnea, and more.

*How can I treat it? From lifestyle changes to various medications, this podcast provides some guidance on treatment modalities you can discuss with your doctor that fits your needs and priorities.

*How can you tell if treatment is working?

Join Dr. Hirsch on her journey to cover many of the common myths and misconceptions about the most common endocrine disorder that affects reproductive age women.

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