8. Diastasis Recti: There’s More To The Core with Melissa Gallow, DPT

In this episode, Dr. Hirsch interviews Doctor of Physical Therapy, Melissa Gallow about diastasis recti (also known as DRA), a common post-partum or midlife condition. Together, Drs. Hirsch and Gallow dive deep into explaining how a diastasis recti develops, and answer common questions such as the most common presentations of DRA, how it is best diagnosed, and exercises or postures that can make a DRA worse during (or after) pregnancy. Dr. Gallow also talks about what types of exercise she recommends post-partum for women with a DRA, and when and how women can safely start re-strengthen their core after baby. Together, they invite to you listen in as they tackle the most common myths about DRA in an exciting podcast intended to make women more aware, proactive, and educated about their bodies.

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