80. Six Uncommonly Heard of but Common Menopause Symptoms.

80. Six uncommonly heard of but common menopause symptoms. // Did you know that menopause is more than just experiencing hot flashes and night sweats? Many women experience other Menopause symptoms, such as dizziness, allergies, and heart palpitations. In this very interesting episode, Dr. Hirsch will break down six of the more commonly heard of uncommon symptoms of menopause. This is a must-listen for any woman in midlife and at menopause!

So, two weeks or a week ago or so I posted about rare symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. And I can’t believe the amount of responses I got from this one post, which shows me that there are so many other symptoms that go missed, and they’re misunderstood, and it just leads to the confusion or the feeling of not ever being able to treat what it is, or that dismissive response that you might get from your clinician. So we’re gonna be talking about six of the more uncommon perimenopause, menopause symptoms in today’s episode.

All right, so let’s get into today’s episode, which is, explaining six of the more uncommon symptoms of, again, both perimenopause and menopause. And I always want to remind women that symptoms of menopause, those classic symptoms or unclassified symptoms as we’re gonna talk about today can certainly start in a perimenopause where you’re still having periods whether they’re more frequent or they’re more spaced out. And so these are going to be the more uncommon symptoms of either a perimenopause or menopause.

Now, right off the bat, I also wanna let you know that I’m not exactly sure I know the physiology behind each of these, but I’m gonna do my best to stay true to you and tell you when I don’t know something. But it doesn’t mean that we don’t know that, it might just mean that Heather Hirsch doesn’t know absolutely everything. I know, I have to say it out loud, but it is true! And so, if there are other folks out there who know a little bit more about this, these topics could each have experts in their individual fields. So I’m really excited to dive into this today. And the other final point is that, this list is not exhaustive. There are probably many more uncommon symptoms of perimenopause and menopause that we still haven’t yet recognized. And again, this list is just not a fully comprehensive list.

So let’s jump into the first one on the list which is really actually much more common than I think other clinicians realize, and that is vertigo. Vertigo, if you don’t know, is the medical term for dizziness. Most vertigo is classified as benign positional vertigo. That means what it sounds like. When you move your head from side to side, that’s when you feel the dizziest.

So a really good example of this is someone who is waking up and their alarm goes off and they immediately shoot out of bed without really opening their eyes and letting their brain know what direction they’re looking in and sitting up slowly. When you jump and shoot out of bed and you’re experiencing benign positional vertigo, you can feel a lot of dizziness, that’s one example of it. And this gets very commonly diagnosed in midlife perimenopause and menopause.

Now, we do know that there are estrogen receptors from head to toe. I say this all the time. And there are estrogen receptors in our ears. Literally, there’s an estrogen receptor in every organ system of your body. So don’t be surprised. So, estrogen receptors are in our ears. And as that estrogen starts to decline in perimenopause or as you make no more estrogen once you’re menopausal, for some women, it must just trigger either an imbalance or a firing o…

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